Tablet Survey Software That Works.

Hundreds of market research companies use SurveyToGo for Tablet surveys.

100% Replacement to Pen & Paper Surveys
Run Offline Surveys
Track interviewers GPS location on a real-time map
Capture Pictures, Videos & Sounds

Powers the Market Research industry in over 60 Countries:
Supports Handheld Data Collection on Android, Windows Mobile & Windows XP/Vista/7/8Pro laptops & netbooks
Offline Data Collection support
Multi Language Support
Question branching, skipping and looping
GPS Location Capturing
Camera, Video & Voice Recording
Export data to SPSS, MS Excel
No Setup Costs. No IT Costs. Pay Per Use.
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"SurveyToGo has become an integral part of our service offering. We haven’t found a better solution yet!”

Gawie le Roux, Project Manager, G3 - Business Solutions

Data Collection Available for Android, Windows Mobile and Windows XP/Vista/7/8Pro

SurveyToGo is available as an Android survey app on the Android market place is can be used by any Android phone or tablet including the HTC devices and the Samsung Galaxy phones or tabs. In addition, you can download and use SurveyToGo for any Windows Mobile 5+ based PDA and any Windows XP/Vista/7/8Pro laptop, PC or netbook.

Easy to use Survey Designer

Designing mobile surveys for Android or Windows Mobile is not an easy task. You need the best tools for the job and we got them! The SurveyToGo Studio includes a state of the art survey designer which lets you create either complex or simple mobile surveys faster and easier than any other tool.

"Survey to go has a perfect blend of simplicity and customizable power”

Bailey Klinger, Director, EFL

GPS Location Tracking & Operations Management Console

SurveyToGo includes support for special GPS location tracking enabling you to know exactly which interviewer performed which interview and WHERE. Since almost all Android phones and tablets have GPS support these days, you can instantly gain near real-time visibility of where your current interviewers are and what they are doing.

SurveyToGo is a Mobile Data Collection Software that enables you to create, conduct & manage electronic mobile surveys, Tablet field surveys, Laptop field surveys and PDA surveys. Surveys are first designed then saved to the server and then synchronized to the tablets or phones or Laptops for field data collection.

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Complex tablet CAPI Surveys, Quotas, GPS Capturing, Camera Support, Signature and more...

Cloud based service

SurveyToGo is provided as a hosted cloud service running on the Amazon AWS Cloud. That means you don't need to install any server software, make any IT changes or invest in setup costs. Simply register for an account and you are off! It's better, safer, and smarter than traditional software. No “computer guy” required, and no complex technology changes. And most importantly, your data is more secure with SurveyToGo.

Hundreds of market research companies host over 10,200 surveys with SurveyToGo.