Handheld Data Collection Case Studies  

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SurveyToGo is used in the industry to accomplish various field data collection tasks. Below are a few examples of the various projects where SurveyToGo was used to perform Handheld Data Collection.

Geocartographia - Market Research

Business Solution
Field Market Research Surveys ranging from simple to very complex PDA surveys.

Geocartographia, a leading market research company, is using SurveyToGo to both create and conduct field market surveys. Surveys range from simple surveys with ~10 questions to full featured 200+ question surveys including complicated rules and settings. SQL Mobile Database integration has been also used to enable some of the more advanced handheld data collection needs of this unique market researcher.

By utilizing SurveyToGo's ability to export results to the industry standard SPSS format, Geocartographia is able to turn collected data to SPSS analyzed data by a click of a button.

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Meida Shivuki CI - Mystery Shopping & CAPI field surveys

Business Solution
Conducting mystery shopping audits & field surveys

Meida Shivuki CI is one of the largest leading research companies in Israel. The institute is comprised of 300 employees (60 of whom are professionals in the fields of research, operations research, business management, psychology, etc.). Meida Shivuki CI serves its customers via work groups. Each group supervisor is equipped with various means for collecting data and performing the analysis required in order to respond to the customers` needs and to their relevant marketing problem.
Meida Shivuki CI uses SurveyToGo to conduct and manage its mystery shopper operations & CAPI field surveys. Surveyors use either a PDA, a laptop or a desktop pc to perform handheld data collection.

MIS - Store Observations / Shelf Observations

Business Solution
In-store / Shelf observation data collection to provide manufacturers and retailers with visually verified information about categories, brands, items, retail execution and the competition

MIS, a leading provider of store/shelf observation services, is using SurveyToGo as a platform to provide manufacturers and retailers with visually verified information about categories, brands, items, retail execution and the competition.

Product data and pictures are collected from the various super-markets and stores including such data as brand availability, product count, product visibility and trade-marketing equipment effectiveness.

SurveyToGo with our complementary Store Observation Server enable MIS to both collect, control, analyze and streamline data from the field to their end-customers. Data, including pictures is turned into various managerial reports ranging from product visibility reports through shelf percentage reports and retail execution reports.

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Market Watch Ltd. - Field Surveys

Business Solution
Conducting field surveys

Market Watch is a daughter company of SYNOVATE that employs over 3,000 people in 51 countries. Around 70% of Market Watch business is about quantitative research. Avinoam Brug is acting as president of the company . The company employs 30 people in 3 divisions: Qualitative, Quantitative and Field work.
Market Watch uses SurveyToGo to conduct and manage its CAPI field surveys. Surveyors use a PDA, a laptop or a desktop pc to perform data collection.

Blue Square Israel - Store Compliance & Loss Prevention

Business Solution
Store Compliance / Loss Prevention data collection to provide effective & productive store-compliance audits and loss prevention inspections.

Blue Square Israel Ltd. (BSI) is Israel’s leading supermarket chain, with three supermarket brands and over 180 stores. BSI is using SurveyToGo as a tool to perform effective yet powerful store-compliance audits and loss prevention inspections at the stores throughout the country.

Audit and inspection data and pictures are collected from the various super-market stores including data such as equipment status, health regulation compliance etc.

SurveyToGo with our complementary Store Observation Server enable BSI to both collect, control, analyze and streamline store-compliance audit and loss-prevention data from the field. In turn, the data including pictures is turned into various managerial reports that enable faster reaction time to store-compliance and loss prevention events.

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Microsoft Israel - Tech-Ed 2008 (Eilat)

Business Solution
Field collection of customer leads by account managers

During the Israel Tech-Ed 2008 Eilat - event, Microsoft equipped all its account managers with Windows Mobile Phone Edition & Smartphone devices & SurveyToGo. A Special designed survey was used to enable account managers to capture new and existing leads and opportunities in real time utilizing handheld data collection and eliminating the need for pen & paper.

SurveyToGo's ability to work with real-time database as a source for data enabled the account managers to see a personalized list of customers and opportunities relevant to them only, using the exact same survey.

Coca Cola Israel - Security audits

Business Solution
Perform site security audits using PDA's and laptops

Coca Cola Israel includes many sites & factories which are inspected daily from a security perspective. The current security audits and safety audits were performed using pen & paper or simply by calling up people. Coca Cola Israel turned to SurveyToGo to enhance the data capture procedure and make it a standard way of reporting and capturing security and safety issues. PDA's & laptops are used in the field to report suspicious security activities and safety hazards.

Oridion - Medical equipment patient surveys

Business Solution
Surveying patients that use a certain medical equipment

Oridion provides life saving solutions for patient monitoring with its cutting edge Microstream® CO2 monitoring and sampling technologies to make patient care safer and easier.

Oridion specializes in capnography, the non-invasive monitoring of a patient’s ventilatory status, which is achieved by the continuous measurement and analysis of the carbon dioxide (CO2) in a patient’s exhaled breath. Oridion turned to SurveyToGo to provide an extendable surveying platform to conduct patients surveys for some of the patients that use their cutting edge products.

Israel Airports Authority - Handheld Data Collection

Business Solution
Field surveys for human process optimizations

The Israel Airports Authority (hereinafter, "the Authority") was set up in 1977 as a public corporation through the Airports Authority Law. The law specifies the structure and tasks of the Authority and the authority awarded it as a public corporation.
Clause 3 of the law awards the Authority its legal qualification and states that "the Authority is a corporation valid for any obligation, right, or legal action".
The Israel Airports Authority turned to SurveyToGo to provide a field surveys platform to perform field surveys that aid in optimizing the various human processes that are involved in its day to day tasks.

Israeli Prison Service - Field evaluations

Business Solution
Field evaluation of students by the course instructors using various field surveys.

The Prison Officers School of the Israeli Prison Service is using SurveyToGo to enable instructors to make on-the-field evaluations of prison officers cadets. Special field-evaluation surveys have been created which allow the instructors to quickly fill-out a field-evaluation of a specific student. Special rules and scripts have been written for the survey to allow randomization of chapters and support the specific demands of the school.