Features List  

Need a full feature list of everything SurveyToGo has to offer?
You have come to the right place. In this page you can find the entire list of what is supported in SurveyToGo. Please note that some terms might be technical and if you need more info you can always contact us using the Live Chat on the right or to send an email to support@dooblo.net

Don't forget that the best method to see all the features is by simply downloading SurveyToGo and taking it for a ride:

Survey Design Features

  • 13 question types:
    Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Text, Numeric, Rating, Scale, Date/Time, Stop Watch, Multi Topics, Empty, Expression,
  • "Other specify" support for answers
  • Chapters for better question hierarchy management
  • Full question text size & formatting options
  • Answers text formatting options
  • Answer Lists (Scales) for productivity
  • Skip (entrance) rules, validation rules, jump rules
  • Looping
  • Question start & end scripts
  • Survey initialization script
  • Multiple questions per page
  • Custom messages for certain survey events (end of survey etc.)
  • Survey Scores
  • Survey Attachments
  • Question Attachments
  • Randomization support for chapters, questions & answers
  • Variable names & answer coding for later export
  • Multi Language support
  • Child Surveys
  • Survey Custom Actions
  • Survey Custom Logo
  • Survey QA Score questions
  • Printing of the survey
  • Export of a survey
  • External list sources for long lists of answers
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) support
  • Survey Modes: Draft, Test, Production and Closed.
  • Auto-Preview of questions for the PDA & Laptop
  • Full emulator for PDA & Laptop surveys
  • Surveyor quota definitions

PDA Survey Module Features

  • Supports any Windows Mobile PDA device
  • Portrait, landscape, square and VGA screen support
  • Over-the-air installation or through the desktop-installation.
  • Secure login
  • Multiple surveys per surveyor
  • Seamless Offline / Online support
  • Backup option
  • Auto-GPS Location Capture
  • Capturing of Signatures, camera photos, videos & voice recordings
  • Automatic interview duration capture
  • Quota enforcement
  • Attachment support
  • Serial Port interaction support
  • Child Surveys
  • Fast-Switch technology for quick switching between X simultaneous interviews
  • One-Tap question advancement
  • Unbranding support allowing for an OEM look of the PDA application. This option involves a one-time fee for your organization. Please contact us at support@dooblo.net for more information on how to purchase the unbranding option.

Laptop Features

  • All the PDA features are natively available on the Laptop
  • Full Screen support and other view properties like fixed window size, font sizes etc.
  • Special table layout of multi topic questions
  • Kiosk mode

Survey Operations Features

  • Global and per surveyor quota management
  • Live map: near-real-time on-map view of where all the surveyors are currently at (requires GPS)
  • Live map: detailed on-map view of surveyor route, along with the places where interviews took place
  • Operations Console enables you to view who did what where and when. Complete quality assurance control over each and every interview. Complete attachment management and history log of every stage in the interview life-cycle.
  • Operations console supports printing an interview directly from the console
  • Operations console supports internal discussion thread & interview statuses for workflow management
  • Operations console supports "Responsibility lists" per user - a user can have one or more surveyors added to his responsibility list and then sees only their interviews.
  • Operations Console shows all the surveyor sync-activity
  • Export of survey results to SPSS, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access & XML
  • Command line export utility for scheduled batch exports of survey results

Survey Hosted Service Features

  • Complete security model supports secured login, users, groups & permissions on all objects
  • Hosted server based service: everything works with our secured servers. read here about your data safety
  • Easy account management and interview packages purchase through the Survey Manager account node or directly from our website.