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How do I upgrade my account to the latest version?
  • Designer Very simple, just login to the Survey Designer application and it will ask you to upgrade. Answer yes.
  • PDA Very simple, just connect the PDA and login to SurveyToGo on the PDA - it will ask you to download and install the new version. Answer yes and that's it!
  • PC Surveyor Very simple, Just run the PC Surveyor and it will automatically upgrade itself!

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List of features added (v1.32)  click here for v.1.31 features >>

Name Description

SurveyToGo for Android

SurveyToGo now supports the Android platform!
Learn more about how to install SurveyToGo for Android here: Installing SurveyToGo for Android

Project Operations Console – Per project columns

It is now possible to define per-project columns to show on the operations console. To change the default settings, simply click the “Edit columns” link found on the operations console screen:

Ability to remove all surveyors at once from a project

You can now choose to remove all the surveyors of a project at once instead of one by one:

Task system: Fix

When a surveyor logs into the Studio and clicks the tasks node, we now only show the relevant tasks and not all.

Quota: Fix

When performing a “recalc-quota” from the operations console screen, fix quota system to ignore filtered and incomplete interviews.

Operations console: Show the “approved” time

You can now choose to show the “Review time” on the operations grid. This is the time stamp of when the interview was approved (reviewed):

Operations Console: Go to project

When right clicking on an interview, you can click the “Go to project” option to sync the projects tree to the correct project of that interview:


SurveyToGo Studio: Extend the max “Latest Locations” timeframe from the last 12 hours to the last 5 days

SurveyToGo now supports showing the “Latest Locations” of your surveyors for a max of 5 days back:

Survey Designer: Find

When searching for a string in a survey, the short-id’s and variable names are also searched.

Survey Designer: Quotas

You can now set a specific message to show up for when a specific quota is exceeded.

Quotas: Enhancement

From the quotas tab, you can now double click a quota to see which exact interviews are a part of that quota:

After double click you will get:

SurveyToGo Studio: Library

We’ve added a new shared organization script library. This is useful for when you write a script function and what that function to be available to all the surveys to save up on copy and pasting. We also added a global library for Dooblo to push enhanced functions to all customers.

Designer: Ability to specify for an answer "Always visible"

Especially for answers like “Don’t know” and “Other please specify” we’ve added a new property to an answer called “Keep Visible”. When checked, logic functions like “FilterAnswersByAnswers” and others will NOT hide the “Keep Visible” answers:

Exporting Data: Quick View

A new “Quick View” support has been added to the Export tab. Quick view allows you to take a quick peek at the collected data without going through the export process:

And once you click on “Export”, you will see the raw data:

Export: Better XML support

When exporting to XML, we have enhanced the XML file layout to better describe the data.

Export: SPSS Quantum Support enhancement

When exporting to SPSS Quantum, support was added for exporting the default map values.

Emulator: Support Quota target.

Support was added to the emulator to simulate quotas like a regular data collection client. To enable this, you need to click the “Emulator > Use quotas” option:

And also “Edit Quota Targets” and set the target to the target you would like to simulate:

Emulator: Show the shortID in the print out

When you are using non-default ShortID’s (can be configured through the variable tab), they will also be shown in the emulator printouts:

Then the emulator printout will read:

SurveyToGo for PC (PC Surveyor)

The SurveyToGo for PC will no longer use the “C:\” folder so that no permission based errors will arise.

SurveyToGo for PC: Support for auto-start upon startup

SurveyToGo for PC now supports a new option called “Run STG on startup” which will cause SurveyToGo for PC to start itself each time up after you reboot the computer:

SurveyToGo for PC: Faster rendering of table layouts

SurveyToGo for PC is now able to render table layout MultiTopics questions much faster.

SurveyToGo for PC: organization control

Many SurveyToGo for PC options can now be controlled from the SurveyToGo Studio instead of changing them manually on each PC. These include:
  • Support show keyboard/auto popup.
  • Comments
  • Block moving between tasks
  • Block cancel request
  • Block export
These options can be controlled per user or all users by right clicking the “Users & Groups” node or right clicking on a specific user and selecting Edit PC Profile:

SurveyToGo for PC: Task system grid enhancements

The SurveyToGo tasks grid now shows all the properties of the tasks and also allows you to pinpoint the location of a task based on google maps. It also allows you to export the task list:

fix tasks date format

Tasks date format is now compatible with the system date format.