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Conducting mobile field surveys operation efficiently & without loosing data is what seperates you from the rest. The ability to control field surveyors and their work makes all the difference when running offline computer assisted personal interview surveys on tablets, phones or Laptops. SurveyToGo enables you to run your business, the right way.


a screenshot from our mobile survey software

End-To-End Mobile Survey Software for your mobile survey needs

Designing surveys, deploying them to the devices, capturing field data, managing the operation and then exporting the results to any format. SurveyToGo covers it all in a robust, secure and simple way. We enable you to concentrate on your business needs while we take care of the rest.

mobile survey software testing and design platform

Powerful survey design & testing platform

High-end mobile survey design is what SurveyToGo is all about. We have it all: Branching, skipping, looping, validation, piping, randomizing questions & answers & chapters, start scripts, end scripts, dummy questions, calculation questions, scales, scoring models, unique mobile question types such as stop watch & counters, multiple questions per page and many more out of the box features. SurveyToGo also includes a full featured desktop tablet emulator that allows you to fully test your mobile surveys right from your desktop.

mobile survey software GPS Integration

Automatic GPS support and map integration

SurveyToGo automatically captures the GPS location of where any interview was conducted. It can be later viewed on a map from our management console for you to see exactly who did what.. and WHERE.

mobile survey software pictures, video and voice Integration

Capture photos, videos, voice recordings & signatures with mobile survey applications

A picture is worth a 1000 words, now imagine videos! Capture more data than simple questions and answers. SurveyToGo enables you to capture signatures, take pictures or videos and even record voice and attach it to any of your mobile surveys.

Managing Field Surveys

SurveyToGo surveys can be in draft, test or production modes. Survey results can be monitored, accessed, modified and managed at any time. Multiple users and groups with permissions can be defined. Surveyors locations can be viewed in real time. We give you the tools to efficiently manage your operation the right way.

Efficiency is all about giving the right people the right tools
Mobile Tablet, phone & Laptop Surveys. Robust. Secure. Simple.

Discover SurveyToGo at a glance

  • Runs on Android Tablets, Windows Laptops or PC's and Windows Mobile
  • Be up & running with a tablet survey in less than 20 minutes!
  • Create rich surveys with photos, images and sounds
  • Supports piping, filtering, branching, skipping, looping & more
  • Randomization & rotations
  • Run surveys in multiple languages
  • Offline support: Collect data even when fully offline
  • Automatic GPS location capturing
  • Quota subsystem for accurate samples
  • Quality control features boost quality 10x
  • Desktop tablet emulator for rapid development of surveys
  • Complete score model for score-based audits
  • “Operations Console” application for quality assurance & survey workflow management
  • Cloud based security model supports users, groups and permissions

For the full list of our Mobile Survey Software features, click here.